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“As a Captain of a Superyacht that uses Hodgdon tenders – both limousine and open models – for the past five years, I can only highly recommend them. In my opinion, they are the industry leader in crafting tenders for clients who will not compromise when it comes to build quality and standards in excellence. My experience with Hodgdon hasn’t just stopped as an end user, it has continued into annual support and communication to assist with any improvements that can be made to our tenders. Even more encouraging to see is a continued eagerness to grow and develop their tenders. All feedback and comments from my team and guests is welcomed. If you have or work for a client that doesn’t expect failure, then Hodgdon won’t disappoint.”

Captain – 86m Motor Yacht


Mini Venetian Limo Tender6.5 Meters

Incorporating key features and design details of the larger Venetian styled tenders, the Mini Venetian Limousine Tender provides the opportunity for Superyachts with limited space to carry a luxury tender.

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Crossover Open Tender8.0 Meters

With its contemporary styling and modern look, the 8m Crossover Open tender carries 12 guests and has a number of unique design and functionality features.    

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Venetian Open Center Console8.0 Meters

Designed to match the look of the 9.5m Venetian Limousine, this tender’s design, layout, and performance capabilities have been tailored specifically for guest beach use and water sports.

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Fully Custom Limo Tender8.5 Meters

Completely custom, every detail of this tender has been carefully for the ultimate in guest comfort. Details throughout match the design and quality of the mothership.

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Fully Custom Open Tender8.5 Meters

Easy to board, this sporty and practical custom tender is ideal for island exploration and water-based activities.

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Venetian Limo Tender10.5 Meters

Inspired by Italy’s romantic water taxis, the Venetian series is semi-production, and allows for customization to complement any Superyacht.

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Venetian Open Tender10.5 Meters

Designed as a companion to the Venetian limousine, the open model lends itself to guest activities as well as more utilitarian crew use.

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Venetian Open Tender9.6 Meters

The open tender’s generous cockpit arrangement makes it a perfect vessel for a variety of guest activities and crew use.

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Venetian Aft Helm Limo Tender11.4 Meters

An evolution of the classic tender design, the Aft Helm Limo offers the best of both inside and outside seating.

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Venetian Aft Helm Limo Tender12.0 Meters

Designed for Superyacht tender bays with more space, the 12 meter version of the Aft Helm Limo provides even more spacious guest accommodations.

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"Hodgdon is set to lead the way in building Superyacht tenders of the highest caliber that are beautiful to look at and most importantly, a joy in which to travel."

Timothy Hodgdon - Hodgdon CEO


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