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Created from a desire to fly across the ocean, racing sailing yachts built at Hodgdon are built to break records. The company’s skilled craftsmen and women have the experience to practice and develop the most cutting edge methods imaginable, all in a time critical environment. Dedicated to doing what it takes – whether complex research and development of techniques or completely transforming physical facilities – Hodgdon is capable of crafting the fastest, strongest, most complex vessels afloat.

"Comanche, which reached speeds of 32 knots during the Sydney-to-Hobart race, is a high-profile showcase of Hodgdon Yachts’ capabilities."

Robb Report - Author

100’ Monohull - Comanche

Built in the biggest marine oven in the United States of pre-preg carbon fiber in just 12 months, the 100’ monohull was made to break records and did.

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