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Like certain car models or fashion trends, certain yachts stand the test of time and will be as relevant in the decades to come as they are today. Pleasing to the eye, Hodgdon’s custom classic motor yachts are designed and constructed using clean lines, proportionate features, and traditional joinery details. While timeless in styling, Hodgdon carefully uses modern methods and materials and cutting edge systems and controls.

"I feel there is something almost sacred about building a boat…It is almost like creating a living being, a boat seems to have a soul and character all her own…It requires more thought to give a boat a good name than it does a child.”

John Guzzwell, Trekka Round the World

83' Custom Motor Yacht - Kizbel

Built as a hybrid using traditional methods with modernization, Kizbel’s luxurious layout provides plenty of space for relaxing.

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80' Commutor - Liberty

Built for a very discerning client, the details are what set this custom commuter apart. Integrating an “art deco” aesthetic into the interior was extraordinarily delivered by the designer and executed by the builder.

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