9.0 to 10.5m Tenders

Specially designed and constructed for a tender bay with limited space, this size range still comfortably accommodates up to 11 guests plus crew. Hodgdon’s team is experienced at building new designs from a client’s preferred designer or the Michael Peters Yacht Design Venetian series, which allows for customization of select elements.


Venetian Limo Tender10.5 Meters

Designed as a companion to the Venetian limousine, the open model lends itself to guest activities as well as more utilitarian crew use.

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Venetian Open Tender10.5 Meters

Designed by Michael Peters Yacht Design to be a companion to the 10.5m Limousine Tender, the open version is a multipurpose tender. The spacious cockpit lends itself to guest activities and more utilitarian crew use. Complete with the materials, workmanship, and technology of the finest Superyacht, Hodgdon’s open tender is an elegant extension of its mothership.

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Venetian Open Tender9.6 Meters

Conceived as a “salt and pepper” companion to the Venetian Series Limousine tender, the Venetian Series Open tender boasts a variety of sport tender features in an unusually elegant package.  A truly multi-purpose design, the open tender is suited for a range of activities, from taking guests on island adventures to the transportation of cargo and provisions.

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