11.0 to 12.0m Tenders

Perfect for daily transportation and longer day trips, Hodgdon’s 11-12 meter superyacht tenders are quiet, comfortable, reliable, and typically accommodate up to 16 guests. Hodgdon offers an aft helm from the Venetian series or will work with outside designers to create something completely unique.


Venetian Aft Helm Limo Tender11.4 Meters

The 11.4 meter Venetian Aft Helm Limo Tender is an evolution of the classic tender design, offering the best of both: generous climate controlled inside seating for 10 or comfortable outside seating for eight. There is also room on the helm deck for crew and guests. Many features can be customized to complement any mothership.

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Venetian Aft Helm Limo Tender12.0 Meters

Designed for more spacious tender bays, the 12 meter Venetian Aft Helm Limo Tender offers similar options to the 11.4 meter. The inside seating has been customized for 12 and outside seating provides room for four guests. The Michael Peters Yacht Design hull allows for exceptional sea keeping ability.

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