Devoted to combining traditional woodworking skills with modern composite materials, Hodgdon’s artisans have a long and storied history. Their experience creating beautiful and functional interiors – whether traditional solid stock or ultra-light synthetic cored modern joinery – makes Hodgdon unique. From elaborate owner’s staterooms and saloons to non-luxury crew quarters, Hodgdon’s experience as a Superyacht builder means they don’t just build furniture – they create interiors that work.

"When it comes to the detail work, they [other boatbuilders] don’t have the knowledge of traditional ship’s joinery. What they do there [at Hodgdon] is important to them. It’s part of their lives. It’s more than a job. These guys are craftsmen. They enjoy what they do."

Bruce King - Designer

Modern Interiors

Today’s modern Superyachts are often on the cutting edge of design and lightweight construction. Owed in part to extensive engineering and fabrication experience in advanced composites, Hodgdon’s interiors division has pioneered many modern and weight conscious joinery methods, from exotic veneer panels to Nomex honeycomb construction.


Traditional Interiors

There are few other Superyacht builders in the world with the rich heritage of building traditional interiors as Hodgdon. While the design details and joinery methods may be long-established, Hodgdon’s methods and techniques have evolved, expertly blending current capabilities and old-world qualities.


Custom Details

The artistry that Hodgdon’s joiners are capable of ensures that every Hodgdon built interior is extraordinary. Whether using specially designed fasteners with threaded inserts to facilitate repeatable access or crafting radiused drawer fronts with traditional dovetails, the difference is in the details.


Weight Control

Hodgdon has the design, engineering, and fabrication know-how to build interiors of varying weight reduction standards. While not every interior has complex requirements, Hodgdon has developed advanced techniques for those that do. The company is able to provide designers maximum freedom in meeting diverse weight demands – regardless of traditional, modern, or ultra-modern design styling.


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