Advanced Composites

Facilities and Expertise

Hodgdon Yachts has extensive experience building high performance, weight critical advanced composite yachts and racing sailboats. Ideal for various methods of advanced composite construction, including infusion and pre-preg construction, our facilities include four ovens.

115′ L x 36.5′ W x 21.5′ H (with the ability to lengthen and raise in height, as necessary), with data logging capabilities.

32.5′ L x 19.5′ W x 10′ H, with adjacent clean room with carbon flat tables to roll in and out of the oven. This also has data logging to record temperatures via thermo couples in the oven at various locations and on the parts.

4′ L x 4′ W x 4′ H mobile oven on wheels.

24″ L x 15″ W x 15″ H lab oven.


Confidential Composite Projects

There are a number of advanced composite high speed and weight critical yacht and extreme temperature projects in our portfolio that are highly confidential. Below is a selection of our recent composites projects that are not confidential.


100' Supermaxi Comanche

Built in the largest marine oven in the United States of pre-preg carbon fiber in just 13 months, the 100’ monohull was made to break records and did.

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80' Patrol Boat - Mako

Infused carbon fiber/Kevlar technology demonstrator Mako is a technology demonstrator that was built for the Office of Naval Research/USSOCOM.


62' Sloop - Prevail

Both fast and beautiful, Prevail features composite hull construction, advanced engineering, modern systems, and an elegant light weight interior.

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GARC Rescue Craft

24 boats x 13′ Greenough Advanced Response Craft (GARC) infused rescue craft for U.S. Special Ops.

"Tim Hodgdon and the whole Hodgdon build team - they lengthened buildings, they built ovens, they bought ovens - they wanted to look not just at this project, but they wanted to look at carbon fiber manufacturing well into the future."


Main Facility

Our main construction bay is 165′ L x 44′ W inside the columns and located on the deep water Damariscotta River, three miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Immediately in front of the building, we have a 300T hydraulic railway and can easily move large structures out of the building. We have a number of smaller support buildings and a broad range of capabilities.

The Ovens

We have four ovens, the largest currently is 115′ L x 36.5′ W x 21.5′ H. The roof is removable and walls are modular. Multiple heaters have a combined capacity of over 1.5 million BTU’s.

Weight Program

Our weight control program has evolved into a valuable tool for all weight-critical yacht and component builds. We have experience using detailed 3D models for accurate estimation, and carefully monitor, track, and report on actual numbers.


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